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Twenty-first century organisations need leaders who are authentic, emotionally intelligent and able to act with authority under pressure; leaders who provide clarity in a context of uncertainty, inspire confidence and motivation in their own team and across the organisation, and turn boardroom decisions into impact on the ground. As organisations become less rigid and more networked, leading across and beyond the organisational boundary is now the norm in almost every sector: it’s an exciting proposition but not without its challenges.

Our Socio Technical & systems-psychodynamic model creates a unique depth of perspective, learning and development that greatly amplifies a leader’s abilities and potential.

By using this model, we help leaders develop a deeper understanding of the often unacknowledged emotional and psychological dimensions of organisational life. Leaders become more aware of team culture and dynamics, enabling them to create collaborative and high performing environments for their teams. This enhances their capacity to work with change and uncertainty, and their ability to do the same for those around them. The approach also helps leaders to effectively manage the contrast between the networked environment and more traditional structures and processes, and, in doing so, to develop their own agency, authority and pathways of influence.

We work in a variety of ways with leaders; executive coaching provides focused support for individuals, while reflective practice, action learning or supervision helps groups of leaders to learn together. We also run management development programmes, co-designed with our clients, which combine experiential learning and skills development informed by theory and research to develop cohorts of leaders across an organisation.

For leaders and managers who want to developing their coaching skills and their ability to support teams through change and uncertainty, our Coaching Skills for Managers programme provides a grounding in the fundamental principles and tools of an effective coaching approach.