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Psychometric Analysis through validated scales help building effectiveness in organisations and make them future ready.

Change is a continual process and is a key to growth and evolution. Technological advancements, globalisation and liberalisation are responsible for newer dimensions of thinking, operational processes and planned or forced changes in organizations. Earlier growth of the organizations were attributed towards launching of more and more new products. But now active utilization of human resources have replaced that traditional concept and also emergence of new people driven industries like service, software development and consulting have changed the perception and focus of organisations towards people. These changes have attributed lot of complexities in the profiles of managers. In the present environment leadership, conflict handling, consistent performance and all round success is the key of governance for managers who are supposed to be performer in spite of all the odds. Therefore strong focus on managerial effectiveness and organisational climate has become an exceptionally important issue for organisations.

Organisational climate

Organisational climate is of great significance for utilization of human relations and resources at all levels and exerts major influence on productivity and effectiveness.

Organisational climate is also a cognitive framework consisting of attitudes, values, behavioral norms and expectations shared by organisational members.

At the root of any organisation’s climate is a set of core characteristics that is valued collectively by members of an organisation. The climate of an organisation can be understood by the organisational behaviour system.

Managerial Effectiveness

The concise oxford dictionary defines the word 'effectiveness' as-' having a definite or desired effect'. It is a measure of the end result of authority. Effectiveness is a very wide term in both the quantitative and the qualitative sense. Strategic human resource management has become core operational area and is carries extra ordinary importance in organisations.

Therefore, it is very important to know the kind of factors and circumstances that can make a person effective and successful at his place. The skill set and managerial effectiveness leads to smooth operations of an organisation. As multitasking and multifunctional approaches for managers are gaining importance in today’s enterprises, thus to assess and measure managerial effectiveness is a challenging task.