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Team Effectiveness

Effective teamwork is vital for all organisations – whatever they do. In today’s time, increasingly teams work across professional and organisational boundaries


Organisational & System Change

Changing any structure is a complex process and most organisations have stories of the best-laid plans going awry.


Leadership Development

Twenty-first century organisations need leaders who are authentic, emotionally intelligent and able to act with authority under pressure


Organisational Climate Surveys, also Job Satisfaction & Managerial Effectiveness Surveys

Psychometric Analysis through validated scales help building effectiveness inorganisations and make them future ready.


Learning & Development and Assessment Centres

Learning & Development (L&D) is an integral aspect of organizational growth, focusing on enhancing employee skills and knowledge to drive performance.


Organisational Development and Change Consulting with a Socio-Technical & Systems Psychodynamic Approach

Organizational Development is a long-term effort, led and supported by top management, to improve an organizational visioning